New, from the powertrain engineers at the

Pro-Billet Torque Converters™ Advanced Products Laboratory

Introducing Billet Armor™:

Billet Armor™  helps to keep your converter from expanding and causing damage when you push it hard!

Billet Armor™  Is a fully welded perimeter armor plate affixed to our torque converters that provides superior static and dynamic stiffness thus elevating the likelihood of case expansion. 

Elastic deformation of torque converter cases is a common problem that typically occurs due to elevated internal dynamic torque converter pressures in high performance high horsepower applications and through the use of transmission brakes, nitrous oxide, turbo and superchargers. This happens in much the same way a balloon expands when air is introduced.

We addressed this problem though the development of our proprietary Billet Armor™. Our case anti-expansion plates are made from the same armor plate used in battle. And yes, they are strong enough to stop a speeding bullet!

Why gamble with standard balloon plates when you can own genuine Billet Armor™?


We Didn’t Just Improve Torque Converter Technology. We Reinvented It!™