Another Pro-Billet Torque Converters advantage

Our Easy Match™ component selection chart was designed as a general guideline to help you easily select a torque converter that will compliment the combination of camshaft and rear end gears you currently have or that will be compatible with what you are building.

  The best part is that there's no more guessing involved.  That's not to say other combinations will not be equally or more effective in your specific application, our chart is intended to provide you a general starting point from which to work.

** Goof Proof™ easy to decipher part numbers.  You won't have to pull your "Secret Squirrel" decoder ring out of mothballs to understand our part numbers, which makes for easy ordering and fewer mistakes.  We thought it out so you won't have to.  Our part numbers always follow a certain order.

Model Name  -  Stall Rating  -  Transmission Model  -  Spline Count  -  Pilot Dimension

so for instance a:


is a:

Nitrous Launch Master™- 3500 rpm stall - TH200R4 or TH700R4 - 27 Spline Input - 1.703 Pilot

In this case, You wouldn't be left waiting for your new Nitrous Launch Master  torque converter to arrive, hoping that you ordered the right part for your application.  In fact, we liked the concept so much that we copyrighted our entire catalog including our part numbers!

Pro-Billet Torque Converters  Performance Out of The Box!™