Company profile

Pro-Billet Torque Converters™ is a North American Tier One Manufacturer of high performance automotive driveline components specializing in researching, developing and introducing next level technologies to the torque converters that we precision engineer and manufacture.

Using advanced processes such as our proprietary digital simulation software analysis models, we design and mathematically prove each torque converter model characteristic in the same way as the OE automotive manufacturers powertrain engineers, before anything is ever built.

Through the years, our commitment to the Pro-Billet Torque Converters™ evolution has involved a significant capital investment to design, build and continually update our own industry exclusive custom torque converter manufacturing equipment.  One resultant by-product and the cornerstone of our production line that is located at the Pro-Billet Torque Converters™ world headquarters in our sprawling suburban Chicago manufacturing facility, is the eighth generation Pro-Billet AutoWeld™ torque converter welder.

With the aid of state of the art computer numerical controlled (CNC) equipment, Pro-Billet Torque Converters™ manufactures superior internal parts which are used in each and every converter we build.

We use only the finest and latest alloys and material technology available in constructing our torque converters…regardless of cost!

While the resulting converters born from our strong commitment to only the highest quality and craftsmanship will obviously not be the cheapest out there, the Pro-Billet Torque Converters™ brand name will insure customers world-wide that what they are buying with their hard earned dollars are the strongest and best designed converters on the market bar none, and as a result, the best value on the market!