New, from the powertrain engineers at the

Pro-Billet Torque Converters™ Advanced Products Laboratory

Introducing Billet Braze™:

Billet Braze™ is a new and unique zero atmosphere exothermic deoxidizing brazing process that was designed as an upgrade over industry standard tig, hand or furnace brazing.

High performance torque converter internals operate in one of the most violent and destructive environments imaginable.

The dozens of individual pieces of metal that make up the inside of every high performance torque converter encounter shearing forces and cavation vibrations which ultimately lead to torsional deformations. When these deformations occur, the stall RPM and torque producing characteristics of your converter changes.

Imagine how your vehicles performance would suffer if the lift and duration of your camshaft constantly changed! As horsepower and torque levels continue to climb, so will these potentially destructive internal forces. It is for just that reason that we set out to develop Billet Braze™ .

Over the course of several years or research and testing, the Billet Braze™ process was developed in house and is the only brazing/joining technology that has been designed specifically for performance torque converters.

The Billet Braze™ process includes the application of a semiprecious metallic alloy which is designed, specially formulated and mixed in-house by Billet Brazing Technologies to combat the extreme internal loads experienced in our performance torque converters.

Billet Braze™ is used in the manufacturing of every performance torque converter we produce.

We Didn’t Just Improve Torque Converter Technology. We Reinvented It!™