New, from the powertrain engineers at the

Pro-Billet Torque Converters™ Advanced Products Laboratory

Introducing Black Ice™:

Black Ice™ heat dissipating surface finish coating keeps your torque converter running cool when you push it hard!

High performance torque converters by nature build heat, especially when you push your ride hard. Heat is the last thing you want in your torque converter, the more heat you have the sooner your transmission fluid fails.

Other companies typically finish off torque converter builds by covering them with a thick layer of paint that functions much in the same way as a blanket, insulating and restricting the torque converters natural heat dissipation rate, inhibiting heat radiation from the torque converter to the atmosphere.

The Black Ice™ finish from BILLET Surface technologies is a unique heat dispersant torque converter coating which has been designed to have high heat emissivity properties that radiates heat away from your torque converters treated surface.

Don’t settle for the typical “Paint Blanket”, choose Black Ice™ for a cooler running torque converter and lower transmission temperatures!

Black Ice™ is used in the manufacturing of every performance torque converter we produce.

We Didn’t Just Improve Torque Converter Technology. We Reinvented It!™