Big thumpin turbochargers make big power! If you are anything like us, you would probably choose to spend your time enjoying that power rather than wondering what more you can possibly do to cut a consistent light and worrying about if or more likely "when" that big power is going to destroy your torque converter.

There is a solution! Now you have a choice to eliminate consistency and durability worries with the Turbo Eliminator Launch spragless torque converter. The Turbo Eliminator Launch spragless torque converter was designed to give you a more enjoyable experience at the track by eliminating inconsistent reaction times caused by a slipping sprag and by eliminating all of your catastrophic sprag failure worries.

The Turbo Eliminator Launch is a formula of unique blade profiles and blueprinted internal clearances designed by the powertrain engineers in the Advanced Products Laboratory combined with our SET (Sprag Eliminator Technology) which creates the strongest and most consistent torque converter package possible.


Would you like hard hitting launches? We tailor each Turbo Eliminator Launch provide a very aggressive initial shock to the tires off the line compared to the Turbo Eliminator Intercept series of spragless torque converters. The Turbo Eliminator Launch provides excellent torque multiplication characteristics to supply those smile inducing, eyeball flattening, hard hitting launches that everyone loves!

Each Turbo Eliminator Launch is designed to take a beating at the track while providing unparalleled strength with the inclusion of our very own bulletproof Billet Armor™ anti expansion plates to protect your transmission, crankshaft and engine block from getting ruined when you push it hard!

Every Turbo Eliminator Launch features Billet Brazed™ internals which create a high strength bilateral monocoque structure, heat treated turbine splines that increase torque capacity, friction and parasitic drag reducing Billet Bearing™ packages, custom CNC manufactured hardened pre-ground pump hub, precise computer balancing, all capped off with our industry exclusive Black Ice™ heat dissipating finish which lowers operating temperatures.


Benefits: Hard hitting launches, deadly consistent reaction times and elapsed times at the track, excellent low- and mid-range torque multiplication, superior strength, peace of mind and masses of worry free passes!

The Turbo Eliminator Launch ELIMINATES the Sprag and ELIMINATES the Problems™!




General Motors (GM) Applications                                        Ford Applications                                         Chrysler / Plymouth Applications